Increasing Capacity at the Lihue facility

30 03 2008

Our partnership with Primo made it imperative to invest in additional capacity. Local production is our ideal, and we work toward that goal every day.

Andy and I have just about finished installing the equipment recycled from Ali’i Brewing, and bringing it up to spec with the latest fittings and controls.

Now for the interesting part, getting the new brewhouse configuration just right for consistent quality. Beer is a living thing, and craft brewing is a combination of art and science.

I have high standards, and am always seeing areas where we can improve our craft. But whenever I get impatient, it doesn’t take me long to regain my balance. I just step outside the brewery and look at the view out back. -Keith


With a little help from Keoki Brewing, Primo Beer is back

28 11 2007

The news broke today. Pabst Brewing & Malting company re-introduced Hawaii’s original beer, Primo Island Lager.

Keoki Brewing is honored to have been chosen as the local brewer of the draught lager beer. If you are drinking Primo on draught, it was hand-crafted locally in our Lihue facility.

Mahalo to our friend Brad at Primo for this important opportunity to help revive a local favorite brew. -Keith

Here are some links to the local coverage of the story:

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Bringing new life to a part of local microbrewing heritage

8 11 2007
Rescuing an Ali'i Brewing tank

Recycling a hertitage tank from Ali'i Brewing

With the popularity of Keoki Sunset Amber Ale and Keoki Kauai Golden Ale, we’re lucky enough to have the problem that demand is outstripping local supply.

Hmmm…  Ali’i Brewing, Oahu’s original craft brewer, went out of business 7 years ago. We knew there were perfectly good tanks and equipment sitting idle, waiting to brew beer again.

Rather that ship stuff over from the mainland, Keith and I hunted this equipment down, found it in a scrapyard on Oahu, and brought it over to Kaua’i. -Andy