Mahalo to our retailers

7 11 2008
Passionate about taste

Andy Baker

Aloha to our valued customers. Mahalo for your business.

We are very pleased to share some exciting news and future plans. Effective today, Keoki Brewing Company of Lihue and Mehana Brewing Company of Hilo have agreed to combine the two companies and form Hawaii’s largest independent local brewery.

Keoki Brewing and Mehana Brewing are both now part of the Hawai’i Nui Brewing Ohana.

By combining Keoki with Mehana, we are poised to deliver an authentic local product.
• Keoki Brewing, the largest independent microbrewer in Hawai’i, has recently doubled capacity in Lihue with the addition of new fermentation and finishing tanks.
• Mehana Brewing, with a proud four-generation history of beverage production in Hilo, is the only brewery to bottle locally in Hawai’i.

The combined portfolio of beer styles is your best source of authentic Island Style ales and lagers.

Representing all the Keoki and Mehana beers, I look forward to working with you to suit your customers’ tastes with the freshest brewed draft and bottled craft beers – produced and packaged locally right here in Hawai’i.

Keith Kinsey and I look forward to meeting with you personally, having a beer, and sharing more of our future plans.

Mahalo for your business.

-Andy Baker, Vice President of Sales, Hawai’i Nui Brewing


Gotta fly: the new kegs have arrived

27 10 2008
A brewery is always more interesting than a meeting

A new keg is always more interesting than a meeting

We were hard at work in our main conference room (aka the lanai) when Keith got the call from Andy: the new kegs are here!

The meeting was ovah. Keith was out of the chair and into the truck before the cat woke up.

Hawai’i Nui Brewing is bringing 1,250 new kegs into the market to support our draught business with local bars, restaurants, resorts and entertainment venues.

Keep your eyes out for our gleaming new kegs. – Nina


Local Journalists Cover Every Aspect of Island Brewing

29 06 2008
Curtis making it happen

Curtis making it happen

Congratulations to the Star-Bulletin for an outstanding special section, Hawaii on Tap.

Local journalist Jennifer Sudick, photojournalists Jamm Aquino and Rod Thompson, and a team from the Star-Bulletin scoured the Hawai’ian islands to report on all the flavors, issues and players in the vibrant local microbrewing scene. This special report is a must read for locals and visitors alike, anyone who’s interested in developing their palate and experiencing all that microbrewing has to offer in Hawai’i. -Keith

BTW, the article includes video of the Keoki Brewing facility in Lihue.

With a little help from Keoki Brewing, Primo Beer is back

28 11 2007

The news broke today. Pabst Brewing & Malting company re-introduced Hawaii’s original beer, Primo Island Lager.

Keoki Brewing is honored to have been chosen as the local brewer of the draught lager beer. If you are drinking Primo on draught, it was hand-crafted locally in our Lihue facility.

Mahalo to our friend Brad at Primo for this important opportunity to help revive a local favorite brew. -Keith

Here are some links to the local coverage of the story:

Kaua’i Garden Island News , North Shore Kaua’i, Honolulu Advertiser, Yelp Honolulu, Hawai’i Magazine,

Taste of Hawai’i, Kapa’a, Kaua’i 2007

1 06 2007
Aloha from Hawai'i Nui Brewing

Aloha from Hawai'i Nui Brewing

Our first time out in public as new owners of the company…

This was my best opportunity to see with my own eyes just how much so many people here appreciate an authentic Island Style beer.

Wow! Keoki Kauai Golden Ale and Sunset Amber Ale truly are Kauai’s favorite local beers.

The Taste of Hawai’i is the islands’ premiere culinary event, held every year the first Sunday in June.

Mahalo to the Rotary Club of Kapa’a for organizing this wonderful event. See you there next year. -Nina

Aloha, Keoki

14 05 2007

A few weeks ago, Keith, Andy I bought the Keoki Brewing Company from George “Keoki” Wells and Jan Foreman Wells. We formally announced the news today.

Mahalo, Keoki, for creating a well beloved local taste. And Mahalo to the residents and visitors of Kaua’i for making our beer the island’s favorite craft beer. -Nina